In focus

This page introduces some of the foci that MELSIG is currently thinking about.

Changing events

MELGIG has been quiet for the last two years or so. This is because several members have changed institution or been caught up in strategic priorities. Then, of course, we have had the Covid pandemic.

MELSIG can now achieve innovation in the use of media-enhanced learning by taking a more online approach to networked co-creation. While we may return to the big hosted events, regular online collaborative development and sharing of practice is more feasible than it was before. All of use are used to working online and, more to the point, our challenge is to explore what the opportunity is for media-enhanced learning in a hybrid connected era.

Toolkits and development through co-creation

By making together, we learn together.

The development of toolkits continues to give us a useful focus as a SIG. It also gives us a focus for academic innovation and staff development.

In the past toolkits have led to events. Now, online networking opportunities will help us to redefine what an event is and put co-creation at the centre of our approach to developing media-enhanced learning, whether that is through developing guidance or through writing and broadcasting together.

The following examples indicate development themes MELSIG can pursue:

  • Digital Storytelling toolkit
  • Media-enhanced assessment and feedback
  • Blended and hybrid spaces for learning
  • Social media for learning (in partnership with the SocMedHE community)
  • Active media-enhanced learning (in partnership with the Active Learning Network)
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