Smart Learning – research paper

Research papers of 3,000 words plus a 200 word abstract will report primary evidence providing generalisable insight or claim to knowledge in the use of smart technologies to enhance learning.

Papers will be carefully written to a high standard. It is likely they will contain a structure similar to the following:

  • Abstract – up to 200 words, to include the main findings and conclusions
  • Introduction – to establish the chapter’s scope and purpose
  • Background or Rationale – setting the scene and including a literature review
  • Methodology – reiterating the purpose in the form of a research question or hypothesis, the nature of the qualitative or quantitative approach used and rationale for the approach, and the method(s) used to conduct the research
  • Results or Findings – setting out the key data in a useful way
  • Discussion – a consideration of the implications of the research findings in relation to the research question or hypothesis
  • Conclusions – the key points to be learnt and an indication of further useful research now needed in this area.
  • References – an alphabetical list of all sources used in the chapter using Harvard style (use

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