Run a Media Frenzy

Media Frenzy

A Media Frenzy is an immersive challenge involving academic staff learning how to create and use digital and social media to enhance their practice. It is a flexible approach, but one that signals a different approach to CPD – a move away from a standard one hour workshop.

Think of it as a Digital Media Maker Space


Here are the principles behind the approach

  • Make it different because it needs different thinking to appreciate different media that allow for different practices!
  • Make it fun! Let’s not be too precious – our skills are all over the place and the main objectives are to surprise ourselves, reduce the risk, and breaks down assumptions and barriers.
  • Make it co-operative so let’s set a co-operative tone where we share ideas and skills and create new pedagogically sound approaches by supporting each other.
  • Model good active, student-centred learning through co-production and creation of a digitally rich experience
  • Learn, experience and share – sharing what you learn can inspire others to build upon your experience.
  • Be useful – create challenges with purpose (they don’t have to be critical)

Using these principles creates the basis of a design that will work for you.

Why will we make it?

Make something for an academic like you – something that could inspire or something that could be useful.

Make something for a MELSIG toolkit – we really want it and we want to hear about why you made it.

If you make something for MELSIG, all Media Frenzy contributors will receive a MELSIG Contributor Open Badge.

Make something just to help you think through a problem – sometimes putting ideas into ‘media’ rather than words sheds new light on complexities.

How it works

  • Devise a range of challenge activities.
  • Create cards that describe each challenge and the points each completed challenge will accrue a team.
  • Have one challenge card on offer for high scoring challenges. Have several challenge cards available for lower scoring, low skills, low effort, short duration activities.
  • Laminate your challenge cards and stick all of them up on a wall using Blutack.
  • Form teams from all of the participants. They should be of an equal size. Teams of three or four work well.
  • Let the teams scrutinise the challenges and the points available for each challenge so that they can agree an ideal strategy for selecting and undertaking challenges for the duration of the Media Frenzy workshop.
  • Now invite the team members, in turn, to take one challenge card each from the wall.
  • Repeat this until all the challenge cards have been shared out.
  • Now instruct the teams to complete as many of their challenge cards as they can manage.
  • At the end of the competition, calculate how many challenges have been completed and add up the scores for each team as noted on the challenge cards.

What will we make?

A Media Frenzy involves making stuff*

  • ‘Voice of the Innovators’ audio case study lasting less than three minutes (see method)
  • a ‘howto’ screencast
  • an infographic
  • an animation
  • a Video FAQ using Flipgrid

If your innovators know about any of our toolkit topics, 
and have experience to share, we’d like to include accounts of
their experience in the toolkits please.

  • Podcasting for Pedagogic Purposes
  • Flipped Active & Blended learning
  • Social Media for Learning
  • Smart learning
  • Digital Narratives

Here’s an example

To inspire you, here’s a Voice of the Innovators audio case study from Sheffield Hallam University’s Charmaine Myers who leads the University-wide Venture Matrix project. This is destined for the FAB Toolkit. Audio Player00:0000:00Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.

Note the format:

  • Contributor’s name and affiliation
  • Context – the circumstances that led to the innovation
  • Description of how the innovative method was/is being used
  • Observations
  • 3 tips for others who would be interested in doing something similar.

Contributor: Charmaine Myers, Sheffield Hallam University
Description: Recording employer video briefings for student project assignments
Media: Video (nb the audio case study is about the use of video)
Model: Video briefings

Submit your Media Frenzy artefacts

Submit anything you make to amiddlet50 ‘at’ using a file transfer service like WeTransfer Don’t forget to include written information about you or the subject and ensure everyone who needs to consent has done so. Provide contact details so we can register you for an Open Badge.

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