Podcasting HowTo’s

Podcasting Using Audacity

Audacity is freely available audio software. Certainly a useful place to start and useful for people who want to learn about what is involved at home.

  • Creating an Audio Podcast How-to-guide – JISC Digital Media. You’ll find plenty of other helpful information on the JISC Digital Media site.
  • Alan Carr’s Audacity Guide used at MELSIG workshops – Audacity_guide – Alan Carr, formerly Mid-Cheshire College
  • The Impala project at the University of Leicester offers a useful set of guides on designing and producing academic podcasts
  • Developing Podcasts Using Audacity – David Pike, University of Bedfordshire

Guide to editing Audacity from COFAonline at the University of New South Wales

Hosting on Podomatic

Podomatic.com ([1]) is a free service used by many podcasters to host podcasts. You are advised to discuss your requirements with your IT or AV support teams, but Podomatic gives you or your students somewhere to podcast while you are exploring it.

Podcasting in Blackboard

Podcasting Hints and Tips

Academic podcasting

Using Skype to Record Podcasts

many thanks to Carol Walker, JISC-RSC-NE-Scotland


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