Delegate Thunderstorms

MELSIG has always encouraged people participating at our events to take a lead. It’s a great opportunity to talk about your work and find people doing similar things.

The idea of a thunderstorm is that you can:

  • share your experience of, ideas about, or innovative use of digital or social media for learning
  • facilitate a discussion about a key issue
  • find people to work with to research or develop good practice.

Offer a Thunderstorm activity!

Limit yourself to 5 slides (or none, this is up to you) in 10 minutes and off you go. We very much welcome alternative presentation formats.
In this session there will be 3 x 10 minutes short presentations or focused discussion groups.

We will add additional parallel storm sessions to accommodate all proposals.

Contact @melsiguk beforehand or make your offer during registration at the event.

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