Toolkit in a Day – did we do it?

Last Thursday about 100 people worked together to produce three new MELSIG toolkits at the #melsig_shu Enhancing Practice with Digital and Social Media event. Where did we get to? Our video team is topping and tailing a huge quantity of video from the three toolkit strands – this is made up of scenes of the day,Continue reading “Toolkit in a Day – did we do it?”

Join us online for #MELSIG_SHU 21 June 2018

Our #MELSIG_SHU event is happening all day 21st June. There are several ways you can join us through the day as we address the theme Enhancing Practice with Digital and Social Media and build three toolkits together using our Toolkit in a Day methodology. We will have 100+ people with us in Sheffield following this programme.Continue reading “Join us online for #MELSIG_SHU 21 June 2018”

Tip Collecting on Flipgrid

You know we’re building three toolkits? Social Media 4 Learning Flipped Active Blended learning Podcasting for Pedagogic Purposes We want you to share a video tip on how you are developing, using or supporting any of those ideas. You can access Flipgrid via your desktop with a webcam, but we encourage you to install theContinue reading “Tip Collecting on Flipgrid”

Introducing social media for learning

The third toolkit being developed in this week’s MELSIG Toolkit in a Day event will focus on Social Media for Learning. (See introductions to FAB and PPP) In considering social media for learning, we will take a broad view that encompasses the formal and informal experience of our students. Social media disrupts a traditional viewContinue reading “Introducing social media for learning”

Flipgrid – sharing ideas about media-enhanced learning

Deb Baff (@debbaff), one of the facilitators of the Social Media for Learning strand of this week’s #MELSIG_SHU event Enhancing Practice with Digital and Social Media, has been using for collecting ideas and sharing experience around academic innovation. It’s a perfect fit for our toolkit building endeavours. It’s a social video app – youContinue reading “Flipgrid – sharing ideas about media-enhanced learning”

Introducing Podcasting for Pedagogic Purposes

The Podcasting for Pedagogic Purposes focus provides us with an opportunity to revisit MELSIG’s roots and the widespread interest of innovators in the role of the recorded voice to supported learning, teaching and assessment. In this strand, we will take a broad view of the idea of podcasting and identify ways in which the ‘digitalContinue reading “Introducing Podcasting for Pedagogic Purposes”

Media Frenzy – host a party for academic innovators

On Thursday 21st June hold a Media Frenzy celebration wherever you are. Get your inspirational innovators together for an hour to make, a ‘Voice of the Innovators’ audio case study lasting less than three minutes (see method) a ‘howto’ screencast an infographic or answer one of our toolkit FAQs using Flipgrid – we will post questionsContinue reading “Media Frenzy – host a party for academic innovators”

Open Badges to recognise contributions

MELSIG is a voluntary association dependent on the collective energies of people who engage with it. With our commitment to making and sharing knowledge in the form of toolkits through co-production, Open Badges allow us to recognise the contributions of participants. MELSIG now has three badges it will award to recognise participation in building ourContinue reading “Open Badges to recognise contributions”